The Neighborhood is Central's Synagogue's fully virtual online community,
designed to help people from anywhere in the world connect to Judaism
and each other through our special online platform.

What It Is

Now, you don’t need to live in Manhattan to be our Neighbor

Deepen your relationship with us by joining The Neighborhood @ Central Synagogue.

We created the Neighborhood in 2021 to invite people from around the world to grow their connection with us, Jewish life, and one another.

Since then, we have thrived and welcomed even more Neighbors to this active and growing online community.

The Neighborhood is our latest step in extending our reach and programs beyond our walls to include those who consider Central a spiritual home.

We admit Neighbors in cohorts during several points in the year. The next cohort will be added in early June. Click below to pre-register.

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Features & Benefits

Grow your relationship with the Central Synagogue community

Joining our community gives you access to features like:

Virtual gatherings

Join your fellow Neighbors and our Central Synagogue Neighborhood clergy for "Block Parties" to ring in each month of the Jewish calendar throughout the year.

Toolkits and resources created by clergy

Download digital resources like how-to guides, readings, sermons and playlists, written and curated for you by Central Synagogue clergy.

A dedicated online community

Engage in discussions with Neighbors about weekly sermons and other conversations about what living a meaningful Jewish life means to you.

An online hub for learning

Browse upcoming events, access programming, and enroll in discounted classes from Central Synagogue and our partners—all in one place.

Community-led small groups

Meet Neighbors who share your interests, passions, and life experiences in small virtual gatherings, modeled on Central Synagogue's CORE group program.

Springboards for justice work

Take action toward a better world alongside your fellow Neighbors through our Tzedek Box tribe and by staying up-to-date on the latest from the Religious Action Center.


Become a Neighbor

Your dues for The Neighborhood
increase access for all

We suggest a yearly household contribution of $540 per household.

Click here to pre-register
for our next cohort

Support other Neighbors by contributing more

If you'd like to give more to cover the fees of other community members, payments in higher amounts are welcome.

Finances should never be a barrier to joining our community

Indicate the fees you'd like to contribute when joining as a Neighbor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join The Neighborhood?

We hope to build a vibrant and diverse community of Jewish households across the country—and beyond! While the community is primarily geared towards those living outside New York City, there are no geographic restrictions for joining The Neighborhood.

What is going to happen to livestreamed services? Will those go behind a paywall or disappear?

All of our worship services will continue to be livestreamed and available to the public.

Which clergy will be part of The Neighborhood? Will Central clergy officiate at Neighbors’ lifecycle events or provide pastoral care?

As a Neighbor of Central you will continue to hear and learn from Central Clergy as you do today through our livestream, classes, and programs. You will be able to join special member programs such as our High Holy Day Boot Camp where congregant and journalist Abby Pogrebin interviewed guest teachers who helped us dissect core prayers recited for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, among many others. We are not currently staffed to be able to provide pastoral attention or officiation. This type of one-to-one work is best done locally. We encourage you to remain at (or consider joining) your local synagogue or prayer community for more personal services. Alternatively, we can connect you to local clergy whenever possible.

We are pleased to share that we have a wonderful rabbi, Andrew Mandel, who also happens to have a doctoral degree in adult learning and leadership from Columbia, and experience building online communities. Along with the Central Clergy and our professional team, Rabbi Mandel will be developing additional opportunities for Neighbors to deepen your experience of Jewish life.

Is there a limit to how many people can join The Neighborhood?

As the Neighborhood grows, we are keeping an eye on the number of participants to ensure that we can provide the best possible experience for our Neighbors. We admit Neighbors in cohorts during several points in the year. The next cohort will be added in early June. Click any of the "Click here to pre-register" buttons to be added to our list.

How do I join? Where do I access materials?

Click any of the "Click here to pre-register" buttons above to fill out our form for the next Neighborhood cohort. Once our next cohort is added and you've chosen to join, you'll be added instantly to our mailing list for our weekly email, which will help keep you up to date on all of our events and other information. Soon after that, you'll receive information on joining our online platform.

What is expected of me as a Neighbor?

We anticipate that Neighbors will be meaningful participants in our online community. This means engaging regularly in programming alongside your fellow Neighbors.

Participation looks like:

  • Building relationships with fellow Neighbors through online discussions.
  • Engaging in community conversations online when topics pique your interest.
  • Giving feedback to us on your experience.
  • Committing to and upholding our Community Guidelines.

Can I join if I am already a member of another synagogue?

Yes, if you are seeking further connection to the Jewish community in addition to what your home synagogue offers, we welcome your participation in The Neighborhood. The Neighborhood is offered as a complement to, not a replacement for, local synagogues and clergy relationships. If you are looking to find a local Reform synagogue, we can help.

We are a proud Reform Jewish congregation and a member of the Union for Reform Judaism, and members and visitors from all Jewish denominations find their spiritual home at Central Synagogue.

Should I join The Neighborhood instead of an in-person synagogue community?

Our hope is that you will remain—or become—a member of your local Jewish community because there is no substitute for in-person community, prayer, social justice and pastoral care. We are proud members of the Union of Reform Judaism, and we can help you find a Reform synagogue near you.

Whatever your current affiliation, we welcome you with open arms. We believe strongly in expanding the Jewish tent, and saying yes to more Jewish engagement, whatever shape that takes.

What if I can't afford the suggested dues? Or what if I want to contribute more?

We believe finances should never be a barrier to joining our community.

To contribute an amount that works for you, indicate the dues you'd like to contribute when joining as a Neighbor.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions or concerns?

Please email and we'll find the right person to answer your question.